We support the fundamental right of people to move where they can seek a better life. Fort Collins has good jobs, quality education, and wonderful open spaces. These amenities should be accessible to all: students, immigrants, seniors, young professionals, and families have the right to find housing where they work, play, and attend school. We believe that permitting a variety of housing options to be built in Fort Collins will contribute to its richness and diversity. Higher density development will create housing choice, spur economic growth, reduce environmental impacts and provide an alternative to sprawl.


NIMBYism is when people say "Not In My Backyard" to new housing or changes to policies that would allow additional housing in existing neighborhoods. NIMBYism perpetuates social inequality and poverty by preserving access to the best jobs, education, and neighborhoods to an elite few. It undermines the democratic process by allowing a vocal minority to block housing that could benefit the entire community. NIMBYism creates an artificial shortage of homes that leads to surging rents and bidding wars for new homes. YIMBY Fort Collins emphatically rejects NIMBYism.

Pro-Density is Pro-Environment

Fort Collins needs to do more to protect the environment. Legalizing more infill housing is the most impactful environmental policy Fort Collins can enact. Density prevents sprawl which preserves open spaces for future generations and makes it easier for us to drive less. It is the single best way to improve air quality and fight climate change at the local level. If you care about the environment, say "YES" to density.


The skyrocketing price of housing is why we created YIMBY Fort Collins. The cost of a home has nearly doubled in the past five years. The cost of renting an apartment is also rising at unbearable rates. The city is being choked by housing unaffordability; it harms our economy, our schools, our environment, and the fundamental livability of Fort Collins.

The answer to the housing shortage is simple and obvious: we need more homes!


The rising cost of housing hurts renters the most, who make up nearly half of Fort Collins' population and are more likely to be minorities, new to the city, lower-income, and working. YIMBY Fort Collins believes that our city's leaders should make a greater effort to involve and consider the needs of renters. Property owners should not have more influence over city decisions than renters. A city that cannot house its essential workers is a failed city!