We're Locals

YIMBY Fort Collins is a grassroots group of unpaid, local volunteers. We had our first meeting at Bean Cycle in December, 2022, when a few of us decided that we needed a pro-housing voice to push back against the loud NIMBYism that had come to dominate. That small group became our leadership team (bios below). We live here and we love Fort Collins. We're happy to meet up with anyone for lunch or coffee in Old Town to chat about housing.

We Support an "All of the Above" Approach to Housing

While streamlining new missing-middle housing will be key to ending the housing crisis and is core to our mission, we support so much more. We want better protections for renters. We want more public funding for capital "A" Affordable housing. We want to repeal the heck out of U+2. We advocate at neighborhood meetings for nonprofit housing built and run by awesome providers like CARE Housing, Neighbor to Neighbor, Housing Catalyst, Catholic Charities, and Habitat for Humanity. We need more housing of all kinds and of all types. Check out our values and platform pages for all the details.

We Are Entirely Volunteers

Since forming that late last year, YIMBY Fort Collins has put on educational events, hosted a city candidate forum, provided public comment at city council meetings, advocated for statewide housing reform, and joined up with CSU students to try to repeal U+2. We need a pro-housing voice in Fort Collins if we're going to be a place that literally has room for everyone to thrive. 

We are part of the national YIMBY Action 501c(4) nonprofit organization. They supply us with a local chapter budget of a few hundred dollars for food for events, but we have yet to use any of that. See the difference our sister YIMBY groups are making in Northern Virginia, Montana, Texas, and California.

That's YIMBY Fort Collins in a nutshell. Please join us in to help make our city's housing policy work for everyone.

Leadership Team

YIMBY Fort Collins is run by dedicated folks who care deeply about housing. Our volunteer leadership team organizes meetings, events, and encourages all YIMBYs to advocate for better, data-driven housing policy.

Kate Conley

Kate is a long time YIMBY advocate who moved to Fort Collins with her Colorado native husband in 2021. She believes the housing crisis is a supply problem, and is an architect who specializes in affordable housing at all scales. 

Christopher Conway

Chris is a homegrown YIMBY born and raised here in Fort Collins. As a teacher, Chris believes we need to build enough housing so that the his students can live in Fort Collins when they grow up.  

Peter Erickson

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, Peter has seen how severe housing crises can become.  He believes in common sense solutions to make housing more affordable (and walkable) for all Fort Collins residents.  A faculty member at CSU since 2016, he owns a historic home in Old Town with his wife Zoey and baby daughter Ida.